With 2009 a distant memory, in plentiful capital times like these, lenders and investors may be calling you to offer money, and you may be thinking “Why hire a commercial mortgage banker or broker? Can’t I just arrange my own financing?” You may be able to, but are you sure you can put together the best deal possible? Negotiating on your own could limit the market for your loan, and you could miss out on terms and features that competition provides. Why take that chance? After all, you may have to live with this capital for a decade.

A commercial mortgage banker will add value to your deal, whether it’s a challenging situation or a “perfect” one. Let’s examine two situations at opposite ends of the market. In the worst case, you have a dif cult request (be it the property or amount of leverage, etc.) and you need assistance scouring the market and crafting a deal. At the other end, you have a very nanceable property (think high-quality apartments today) and want to make sure you access the market leaders (mortgage banker controlled) to get the best terms. A good  commercial mortgage banking firm will add value in both cases—either by nding the capital you need, or by having access to your desired source (e.g., Freddie, Fannie or life companies like Allianz, Allstate and Nationwide).

But what about the deals in the middle? If you can save seven basis points or negotiate two or three things in the documents that you did not know were possible, then wouldn’t it be worth the fee you pay for that service?

What if you’re interested in obtaining a “matrix” of quotes for a portfolio deal—from ve-year, 50% LTV, to 75%, 15-year money and including a request for interest only (IO)? Many lenders will snub such a request—they don’t have time to guide borrowers through the “shopping experience.” A good commercial mortgage banker knows the capital sources and knows which lender is best for the low-leverage, short- term deal versus who is strong on higher-leverage, long-term. In other words, they know what pitch the lenders are looking to hit today, and that means you get the best pricing matrix for your deal.

If you are thinking of just “rolling” a deal with the existing lender— don’t. Not without market investigation. A mortgage banker can almost always improve the initial deal offered, even if the existing lender ultimately desires to win. There’s an opportunity to improve on all sorts of terms—prepay exibility, lack of reserves, loan dollars, forward funding schedules—just by bringing credible competition to the table.

When it comes to real estate transactions, it’s not only the “hard terms” of the deal—dollars, rate, term, etc. The “softer side” may be just as important. Are the lender’s loan documents and attorneys easy or dif cult? How quickly do they handle lease approvals? Will you be able to avoid appraisal surprises? As an intermediary, mortgage bankers are uniquely quali ed to address these questions because they are “neutral” in the discussion. This insight provides you with more knowledge, a better lender fit, and thus a better deal.

NorthMarq Capital is a full-service mortgage banker—not just a mortgage broker. We offer all the integrated services a mortgage banker provides—including access to capital provided only by a banker (e.g., Fannie, Freddie, FHA, life company correspondent lenders)—and the servicing of those loans through their duration. As your point of contact during the life of the nancing, we live with our deals after they close, and we do everything we can to make sure both borrower and lender have a satisfactory relationship.

In addition to the agencies and all the banks, we service loans for more than 50 life companies and transact with the 50 CMBS players competing in the market. Only one is right for your deal. We help you get the absolute best terms you can in that crowded marketplace, using our relationships and knowledge to get you a loan you are pleased with—one that closes on time and works well for the next decade.

To get a customized quote on your deal contact me to discuss the options available to you.